• RF-Catcher - Portable RF Capture & Playback
  • RF-Catcher with PC running RF-Catcher application
  • RF-Catcher front 2
  • RF-Catcher - 4 use-cases
  • RF-Catcher/LabMod back
  • RF-Catcher packing
  • RF-Catcher Application Suite Launcher
  • RF-Catcher Application Suite Licenses
  • RF Capture & Playback Application
  • Channel Simulator for RF Capture & Playback Application
  • EventTrigger for RF-Catcher
  • Noise Generator for RF Capture & Playback Application
  • IQ Converter
  • IQ Splitter
  • TaskScheduler
  • ATSC 3.0 LabMod
  • Channel Simulation in ATSC 3.0 LabMod

Portable RF Capture & Playback
RF-Catcher + Application Suite

(7 customer reviews)

The most compact RF Capture & Playback device and spectrum analyzer. Covering a frequency range from 70 MHz up to 6 GHz, RF-Catcher can Record & Play real-time RF bandwidth of up to 55 MHz.

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  • Chipset, STB/TV field test debugging (a great tool to support your pre-sales team)
  • Handy demonstration setup: bring real RF sources into your laptop
  • Radio/TV Broadcast/Telecom RF troubleshooting
  • Test automation (CLI): plan & trigger capture/playback tasks
  • Telecommunications Regulation Agencies validation tool



  • Compact, easy & simple usage: no need for RF experts to capture field RF signals (ex: DAB/FM, TV broadcast, Satellite broadcast, Wi-Fi,…), your sales force can do it for you anywhere in the world
  • RF sources stored on a PC: easy to duplicate/transfer between headquarter and regional sites
  • Non proprietary IQ files; IQ file format converter available in the Application Suite

RF-Catcher allows experimentation of a wide range of signals including Radio (FM, DAB…), TV broadcast (DVB-T/T2, C/C2, ISDB-T/Tb, etc…), cellular, Wi-Fi, up to satellite signals (DVB-S/S2). The RF-Catcher is equipped with LNB control for frequency down conversion of Ku/C bands.
The integrated GNSS receiver provides precise location information; KML file, metadata, NMEA compatible.
Portable and compact, the RF-Catcher is used along with a PC through USB3 connectivity. The RF-Catcher is compact, robust, lightweight (600g) and cost-effective: your technicians and engineers can bring it everywhere in their hand bag

The RF-Catcher Application Suite consists in a number of software applications that allow to extend the RF-Catcher Starter Kit functionalities. All these applications are grouped in a new all-in-one launcher featuring device information, license status and applications launch.

Record & Play real-time RF bandwidth

Frequency range: 70 MHz up to 6 GHz

Bandwidth: up to 55 MHz

Suitable for: radio (FM, DAB…), TV broadcast (ATSC 3.0/1.0, DVB-T/T2, C/C2, S/S2, ISDB-T, etc…), cellular, Wi-Fi

Non proprietary IQ file format

Test Automation: Command Line interface provided

Portable (600g) and Self-Powered

Connected via USB 3.0 with the RF-Catcher application running on the PC

Windows 7/8/8.1/10 support (x64)

IQ capture records: stored on the PC internal disk (SSD)

PC minimum requirements: Core i5/i7, 4GB of RAM, USB 3.0 connectors, SSD storage

AUTOTEST tool for PC performance check: loss free bandwidth capacity for capture & playback


Satellite Capture

The integrated LNB controller allows DVB-S/S2 IF signal capture

Radio Capture & Playback

FM record & playback, complete FM spectrum display

DAB, DAB+ record & playback (TPEG, Infotraffic, HD-Radio)

Combine 2 devices to record the FM/DAB switchover (Master/Slave)

Test Coverage & Drive Testing

Internal GPS/GLONASS receiver

NMEA compatible, KML file generation

RF signal power measurement and GPS location in report files (Google Earth compliant)

GPS/GLONASS Signal Capture & Playback

Capture & playback the GPS/GLONASS signal from active GPS antenna and via an active GPS splitter

How to capture a GPS signal with RF-Catcher?

RF Capture & Playback Application

RF Capture & Playback Application

Easy to use & responsive: high degree of parameterization for measures

  • Spectrum analysis: FFT type and size, frequency markers, power in-band
  • RF capture: variable acquisition bandwidth up to 55 MHz, variable gain, automatic gain setting (AGC), rolling buffer mode
  • RF playback: variable attenuation
  • Waterfall section: bursts & transients detection (Wi-Fi, 4G…)

Status indicators for IQ sample transfer over USB 3.0: ADC loss, LNB loss, In Band saturation, Out of Band saturation

DC offset removal

TaskScheduler (optional app.)

TaskScheduler (optional app.)

Automatic capture/playback time scheduling

For capture tasks: generate report files containing RF power measurements for different frequency markers

Visualize your results in real-time!

Event Trigger (in-app option)

Event Trigger (in-app option)

Trigger RF records/playbacks based on several events:

  • EdgeProbe monitoring alarms (RF, TS, T2-MI, BTS): keep a proof of the issue
  • Input signal level going out-of-range
  • Frequency marker signal level going out-of-range (interference detection and characterisation)
  • Hardware trigger: several RF-Catcher devices can be chained to synchronize RF captures/playbacks (ideal for FM/DAB switchover)
RF TroubleMaker (in-app option)

RF TroubleMaker (in-app option)

The perfect lab tool for real conditions testing: playback an alterated RF signal

  • Noise Generator: Gaussian, Impulsive
  • Channel Simulator: add up to 24 paths to the RF signal and visualize the alterated RF spectrum (Delay, Doppler)
IQ Converter (optional app.)

IQ Converter (optional app.)

Tool for IQ file format conversion

Supported formats: Eiden, IZT, Lumantek, Adivic, A74, ARB…

IQ Splitter (optional app.)

IQ Splitter (optional app.)

Tool for IQ file time cut and resize

Optimize the IQ files network transfer by keeping only the most important part of an RF capture!

ATSC 3.0 LabMod (optional app.)

ATSC 3.0 LabMod (optional app.)

ATSC 3.0 software modulator for Lab

Generate live ATSC 3.0 RF signals through RF-Catcher TX connectors

More details on ATSC 3.0 LabMod dedicated product page

DiviSuite-IP (optional app.)

DiviSuite-IP (optional app.)

MS Windows OS application providing complete TS/T2-MI analysis of baseband streams (IP, File based), with TS recording and playback capabilities.

Floating license for 1 user

More details on DiviSuite-IP dedicated product page


  • 2x RF inputs, 2x RF outputs for RF Capture & Playback (SMA/F connectors)*
  • Variable bandwidth from 1 up to 55 MHz
  • Automatic filtering: harmonic suppression for playback, out of band signal suppression for capture
  • RF reception:
  • • Status indicators: USB connection / IQ sample loss / In band saturation (ADC) / Out of band saturation (LNA)
  • • FFT display: Spectrum measurements: FFT resolution, FFT markers insertion / Averaging functions: RMS, min/max hold / FFT window functions: rectangular, Hamming, Blackman, Hann…
  • • Signal waterfall plot (three-dimensional spectrum)
  • • Power in band measurement
  • Trigger mode for synchronized capture/playback between several devices
  • RF capture: variable gain, automatic gain setting (AGC), rolling buffer mode
  • RF playback: variable attenuation
  • Lightweight and compact 163 x 115 x 32 mm, 600 g, 3 W typical power consumption
  • Connected to PC via USB3.0 connectivity (SuperSpeed) (USB2 backward compatible, but with lower performances due to limited USB2 bitrate)
  • IQ files stored on the PC: 12 Msps sample rate, 170 min of record = 512GB
  • Nonproprietary IQ file format, compatible with Matlab software
  • Integrated GNSS (GPS, GLONASS) receiver: KML file, metadata, NMEA protocol
  • Compatible Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 (x64 versions only)
  • *Both input/output connectors cannot be used at the same time

RX MODE - Frequency

  • Frequency band
  • 70 MHz to 6.0 GHz

  • Frequency resolution
  • 1 kHz

  • Real-time bandwidth
  • 1 MHz to 55 MHz

  • RBW (Resolution bandwidth)
  • 30 Hz (for 2 MHz) to 210 kHz (for 55 MHz)


  • Noise Figure
  • < 8 dB

  • Phase Noise at 10 kHz
  • *

  • 1200 MHz
  • -91.3 dBc/Hz

  • 3200 MHz
  • -85.2 dBc/Hz

  • 5000 MHz
  • -82 dBc/Hz

  • Noise Floor / Sensitivity
  • -110 dBm

IF Band

  • ADC resolution
  • 12-bit

  • Sampling rate
  • 61.44 Msps max

RF Input Characteristics

  • Input Dynamic Range
  • -110 to 0 dBm

  • Input Level Resolution
  • 1 dB

  • Max Peak power*
  • 0 dBm

  • Max DC input*
  • ± 15 V

  • *Absolute maximum ratings
  • *

Gain Range (1dB step)

  • 800 MHz
  • 0 to 74 dB

  • 2300 MHz
  • 0 to 73 dB

  • 5500 MHz
  • 0 to 65 dB


  • 1200 MHz
  • 7.2 dBm

  • 3200 MHz
  • 8.4 dBm

  • 5000 MHz
  • 15.2 dBm


  • 512 GB @ 12 Msps
  • 170 min

  • 512 GB @ 24 Msps
  • 85 min

  • 512 GB @ 40 Msps
  • 50 min

TX MODE - Frequency

  • Frequency band
  • 70 MHz to 6.0 GHz

  • Frequency resolution
  • 1 kHz

  • Real-time bandwidth
  • 1 MHz to 55 MHz

Phase Noise at 10 kHz

  • 1200 MHz
  • -91.3 dBc/Hz

  • 3200 MHz
  • -85.2 dBc/Hz

  • 5000 MHz
  • -82 dBc/Hz

RF Output Characteristics

  • Attenuation range
  • 0 to 89 dB

  • Amplitude resolution
  • 0.01 dB

  • Power output
  • 5 dBm max

  • Max DC output
  • ± 15 V


  • RF input
  • 1x SMA-type female – 50 Ω 1x F-type female – 75 Ω (up to 2 GHz)

  • RF output
  • 1x SMA-type female – 50 Ω 1x F-type female – 75 Ω (up to 2 GHz)

  • 1PPS/Trigger input
  • 1x SMA-type female – 50 Ω

  • Trigger output
  • 1x SMA-type female – 50 Ω

  • 10MHz
  • 1x SMA-type female – 50 Ω

  • GPS
  • 1x SMA-type female – 50 Ω

  • Power & Data
  • 1x USB3 B-Type

  • Auxiliary power
  • 1x USB3 B-Type


  • Dimensions
  • 163 x 115 x 32 mm / 6.4 x 4.5 x 1.2 in

  • Weight
  • 600 g

  • Power supply
  • USB self-powered

  • Auxiliary power
  • USB connector (additional power supply for satellite captures using LNB controller)

  • Power consumption
  • 3 W


  • Operating temperature
  • -20°C to +55°C

  • Storage temperature
  • -20°C to +70°C


  • Core i5/i7 processor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • USB 3.0 connectors
  • SSD for storage (Solid State Drive)

RF-Catcher Starter Kit comes bundled with:
– RF-Catcher HW device
– RF Capture & Playback Application* software: GUI, CLI

*Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10 OS support (x64)


Custom Application Suite (purchase)
Buy software from the RF-Catcher Application Suite, from 890€ only (for life-time licenses)

Full Application Suite (subscription)
Subscribe to the complete RF-Catcher Application Suite and its new releases for 99€/month* only (billed annually: -10% for a 2 years subscription, -15% for a 3 years subscription) When the subscription is expired, the software licenses end)


Default Warranty
Advance HW + SW 3-YEAR including:
– Advance Replacement: hardware warranty with replacement before reception of faulty unit
– Software Upgrade: access to all software updates & upgrades
– Priority HelpDesk: priority access to the support helpdesk for any question on product usage, problem request, and change/improvement requests

Optional Support Services
2 years extension of the Default Warranty to 5 years total

Use cases


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(7 Customer reviews)
  1. Eric POULBOT

    Amazing tool which allow us to record all over Europe multiple technologies and playback them in Lab in an easy way.
    FM & DAB are our use of this tool.

  2. Ivan Panin

    Very small if compare with competitors. Very comfortable to take it in BT. Easy to use. Simple interface.

  3. Oleg Beslik – LG Electronics

    Very good device. very simple and user friendly interface.
    + Small dimensions,
    + light weight,
    + excellent technical spec,
    + an unprecedented converter in the formats of other devices,
    + perfect technical support.

  4. Anton Korotygin – LG Electronics

    This device is absolutely amazing. It is very easy to take it on board when you go business trip. Stream capture quality is rather better than BIG competitors device.
    Excelent tool in such a small box, it really amaze me.

  5. Ahmed Cassim

    Good tool of trade. A must for technical in the broadcasting space.

  6. Luc TOURBEZ

    The RF Catcher is ease to use, and provide many solutions for detections of troubleshooting in RF broadcast signal or Telecom. The team of support is very reactive and stays in our listening. We use the RF Catcher with the program Taskscheduler for the surveillance of FM broadcasts.

  7. Thierry Schott – TDF

    Very good device & very simple user interface. Used for UHF band captures. Playback is possible with the device or with other tools as IQ files are simple flat files.

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