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Real-time RF Channels Simulator

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Covering a frequency range from 50 to 900 MHz, RF Live Simulator can emulate RF channels propagation modes in real-time for a signal bandwidth from 20 kHz to 20 MHz (gaussian noise, multipath, Doppler and frequency drift tools).

RF-LiveSim is a cost effective solution for intense automatic non regression tests at the physical layer level.

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  • Chipset designers: complete modulator/demodulator testing
  • Receivers manufacturers: operating limit testing and robustness
  • R&D Laboratories: intensive non-regression testing, design/product verification


  • Real-time channel profile simulations
  • Up to 20 adjustable independent terrestrial paths
  • Several preset configurations available
  • Remotely accessible
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Test automation (SCPI compliant)

Covering a frequency range from 50 to 900 MHz, RF Live Simulator can emulate RF channels propagation modes in real-time for a signal bandwidth from 20 kHz to 20 MHz (gaussian noise, multipath, Doppler and frequency drift tools).

RF-LiveSim is a cost effective solution for intense automatic non regression tests at the physical layer level.

RF-LiveSim includes 1x RF input and 1x RF output ports, and provides a complete set of channel models, either for fixed or mobile propagation environments. Whatever the standard, any type of receiver can be tested. Thanks to its real-time process, from your basic original signal, RF-LiveSim can perform, for instance, efficient regression testing of LTE solutions to check the good behavior and the limits of your receiver when multipathes, Doppler and Gaussian noise are applied.

Chipset designers

Complete modulator/demodulator testing

Receivers manufacturers

Operating limit testing and robustness

R&D Labs

Intensive non-regression testing, design/product verification


  • Standalone unit with PS/2 & VGA interfaces for screen-keyboard-mouse control
  • 1x Ethernet port for remote control
  • Full remote control via SCPI (Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments) protocol
  • 1x RF in, 1x RF out (isofrequency)
  • 1x TRIG, 1x 10MHz in & 1x 10MHz out


  • Signal Level (output)
  • From -110 to -20 dBm without any interruption

  • Frequency Range
  • From 50 to 900 MHz (resolution 1 Hz)

  • Bandwidth
  • From 20 kHz to 20 MHz (resolution 1 kHz)

  • Channel Propagation Profile
  • 20 independent paths adjustable (amplitude, delay, phase, Doppler)

  • Doppler Profiles
  • -70 000 to +70 000 Hz (step 1 Hz)

    Amplitude distributions (Pure, Flat, Gaussian, Rayleigh, Rice)

  • Frequency Drift & Hopping
  • Without loosing receiver synchronization

  • Preset Configurations
  • Terrestrial Broadcast profiles such as TU6, Rural, Indoor/Outdoor for fixed/portable devices

    Profiles for physical layers for WiMAX / LTE

  • AWGN Generator
  • Signal+Noise

    Burst noise

    Impulsive noise

    Noise only


  • Dimensions
  • 1U rack form

    450x500x44 mm

  • Weight
  • 11 kg

  • Operating temperature range
  • 0 to 40°C / 32 to 104°F

  • Power supply
  • 90 to 250VAC – 47/63 Hz

Default Warranty
Standard: 1 YEAR Hardware Warranty and Basic Helpdesk (HW RMA)

Optional Support Services
Advance HW + SW 1/3/5 YEAR including:
– Advance Replacement: hardware warranty with replacement before reception of faulty unit
– Software Upgrade: access to all software updates & upgrades
– Priority HelpDesk: priority access to the support helpdesk for any question on product usage, problem request, and change/improvement requests

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