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Compact ATSC 3.0 Field Analyzer
ReFeree 3

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ReFeree 3 is the first ATSC 3.0 analyzer designed to be used on the field to generate maps including measurements of the field quality of service, enabling identification of reception issues and efficient troubleshooting.



  • Coverage & Drive Tests for ATSC 3.0 & ATSC 1.0
  • Installation & Maintenance Test Tool
  • RF Reception Qualification
  • Head-End/TX site/off-air measurements
  • ATSC 3.0/1.0 Network Troubleshoot
  • R&D Test & Measurements


  • The 1st analyzer designed for field measurements
  • Easy to use and configure
  • Compact (660 g), USB self-powered
  • Complete product: RF + STLTP analysis
  • Analyze/Validate ATSC 3.0 signals in real-time down to the frame structure
  • Control audio/video content decoded in real-time

Ensuring that end-users can receive good quality TV is the main concern for anyone working through the media delivery chain. From contribution to field distribution through head-end processing, ATSC 3.0 content has to be processed with the intention of delivering the best quality TV.

ReFeree 3 has proudly won the NAB Show 2019 Product of the Year and the Future Best of Show awards.

ATSC 3.0 & ATSC 1.0 RF Measurements

Spectrum & Constellation display

Signal level, MER, SNR, BER

Channel Impulse Response (CIR)

Modulation Parameters

STLTP Analysis

STLTP decoding via PC ETH or HW ETH/SFP

IP QoS monitoring (jitter, FEC…)

Bitrate monitoring (outer, inner, by PLP & Service)


ATSC 3.0 Frame analysis

Complete frame decoding

Frame structure display (including subframe & PLP)

Service list view

Bitrate monitoring by PLP & Service

Log files

Road Test & Field Coverage

Internal GPS receiver

GPS L1 antenna provided

Google compliant report files including RF measurements

Audio/Video Display

Service decoding (unencrypted programs) via VLC media player

DASH (ROUTE/MMTP) reception

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